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Chocolate Box

Chocolate Box

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Smash: A savory snack with crispy corn and potato chips covered in rich milk chocolate, offering a unique and delicious combination of sweet and salty flavors. (The teams favourite!)

Japp: A chocolate-covered chewy caramel and crispy rice bar, offering a satisfying combination of textures and flavors.

Marabou Seasalt: A creamy Swedish milk chocolate bar with a touch of sea salt, delivering a delicious and indulgent taste experience.

Daim: A crunchy toffee candy covered in smooth milk chocolate, providing a sweet and crunchy treat.

Kex Choklad: A crispy wafer covered in smooth milk chocolate, offering a satisfying crunch and sweetness in every bite.

Plopp: A classic Swedish chocolate bar with a smooth milk chocolate and caramel filling, delivering a sweet and satisfying taste.


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