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Licorice Box

Licorice Box

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- Hallon-Lakrits Skalle, is a chewy candy with raspberry and licorice flavors, shaped like a skull, delivering a unique and delicious taste experience.

Gott och blandat salt, offers a fun mix of salty and sweet flavors in different shapes and colors. It's a unique and delicious treat that's perfect for anyone who loves to try new things.

- Peacmärke Jordgubbe/Lakrits, Chewy candy with strawberry and licorice flavors, perfect for a unique and delicious taste experience.

-Djungelvrål, Salty licorice candy with a bold and intense flavor, perfect for those who love strong tasting sweets.

- Plopp Salty Licorice, A classic Swedish chocolate bar with a salty licorice twist, offering a unique and satisfying flavor combination.

- Skipper's Pipes, Licorice candy shaped like pipes, with a rich and intense flavor that is sure to delight licorice enthusiasts.


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